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Determining the Right Time

Pacifica understands that moving into a senior living community is a choice made after careful consideration and planning. Determining when you or your loved one may consider moving is an important part of this process.

Looking Into the Future

Imagining what life will be like if routines change or big life events take place can help build timelines around the right time to move. If a spouse passes away, if injury occurs, when mobility or health starts to change, when driving becomes more challenging – these circumstances could spark the need for additional support and care. This may be difficult, but it will help your loved one develop a plan for the future. When your loved one moves into a Pacifica Community, we take care of many of the daily tasks they may find challenging.

Sticking It Out

Many seniors try to “stick it out” in their own homes. This can shift quite a bit of the responsibilities and care over to family and friends. In addition, access to services may be limited. Chores like driving to the store, home repairs, maintenance, or housekeeping efforts may become more challenging.

Better to Be Early Than Late

Seniors who wait for a crisis to occur or have worsening medical conditions may find it more challenging to be accepted for residency at a senior living community on short notice. It helps to make sure there is a future care plan in place.

WHAT to Expect When the Move Is Made

Seniors who choose to live in an Assisted Living or Memory Care community tend to be looking for extra support with mobility, illness, or memory conditions. While many seniors who reside in Assisted Living or Independent Living homes have generally good health, they may still want or need a helping hand to thrive.

Senior LIVING Communities

Pacifica Senior Living communities offer a wide spectrum of services and amenities – including dining, social activities, as well as fitness and wellness programs to help residents stay more mobile and help them focus on their wellbeing. Our communities bring residents the opportunity to gain personal freedoms while keeping their independence.

KNOWING When It’s Time

Mentally preparing for a major life decision and a big move is half the process. Many seniors have said prior to moving: “I’m just not ready.” If you speak to these same residents after the move, most say they wish they had made the move sooner.

MAKING a Selection

By selecting a Pacifica Senior Living community earlier in advance of absolute necessity, the choice will be a better fit for you or your loved one’s lifestyle and needs. The longer you wait, the less time there will be to make a thoughtful selection. In considering the right community these are important things to consider:

  • Desired Location
  • Desired Type of Residence
  • Medical Acceptance
  • Care Level Needed
  • Selling the Personal Home
  • Selling or Storing Personal Belongings

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