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There are times in our lives when we need a little extra help. Being a primary caregiver can be a demanding task, and respite is a great option to provide alternate care for someone you care about. Woodmont Senior Living’s Respite Care program is available to allow families an opportunity to rest from the daily tasks required for a loved one. This option can provide the caregiver a chance to destress, restore energy, or simply find balance in their own life. It is important that those caring for someone they love have the time to recharge and take care of themselves, in order to then be able to provide the best assistance to their loved one. Respite is a wonderful tool that can provide a temporary break, and ensure the healthcare needs of your loved one are looked after.

Our program is also perfect for individuals who are recuperating from a hospital/rehabilitation stay, or to just simply experience the Pacifica lifestyle. When someone is transitioning out of hospital, sometimes they need a go-between where they no longer need hospital care, but may need some additional assistance while they continue to recuperate. Often times, respite is the best option, as it means nurses and caregivers are on hand to assist, something most people would not have access to at home. By using respite care in this way, individuals are able to recuperate at their own pace, and families and friends can rest assured knowing their loved one is in good hands.

Trained team members work together to enhance continued dignity and trust as they provide care and assistance to their residents. We know the difference a kind smile and word can make in brightening someone’s mood, and encouraging them along the road to recovery. If you feel respite may be the right option for you or someone who you care about, reach out to us to learn more. Our friendly team is available to answer questions and help you find the care that best suits your needs.

Call today for more information on Respite Care at Woodmont Senior Living. We are always happy to schedule a tour and answer any questions you may have.

"My brother and I visited and we liked it very much because it was very nice. The overall appearance of the place was really pleasant. They seemed to try to have everybody engage and participate in their daily activities. The room was very nice. It had pretty much everything that you would want."

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The Respite Care program at Woodmont Senior Living is a great option for post-surgery recovery care or for extra help during an extended illness. We can provide high-quality round-the-clock care to you or your loved one during difficult times. Additionally, if you’re thinking about joining a senior living community, living here short-term is a great way to experience everyday resident life and get to know staff and potential new neighbors.

Families are welcome to learn more about the short-term care services we offer at Woodmont Senior Living by contacting our friendly staff for additional information.

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Resident getting a hug from family at Woodmont Senior Living in Tallahassee, Florida.
Resident and his son smiling for a photo at Woodmont Senior Living in Tallahassee, Florida

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