Music and Memory Care

Pacifica Senior Living Belleair in Clearwater has the trained staff that can provide Music and Memory Care treatments. Studies have indicated that music can help to improve memory and control unwanted behaviors due to advanced Alzheimer’s and dementia. The phenomenal relationship between music and memory was documented in 2012, when a documentary was shown by the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. It was about “Henry,” a dementia patient that was shown listening to an iPod. His transformation was incredible. The video went viral with over 7 million views, and the Music and Memory movement for memory care picked up speed.

Pacifica Senior Living Belleair is one of the few senior residences that are using this miraculous memory care in their everyday plans. The results have been astounding. Further research has shown that it activates the area of the brain that is the last to fail. Stimulating this part of the brain has some promising potential. Our highly trained staff is ready to provide the memory care that works!

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Proven Therapies for Memory Care

At Pacifica we use the latest research to provide memory care. We stay on the cutting edge of the research and formulate our care around it so that you know your loved one is getting the newest most effective therapies available. We use music and other proven therapies to help improve the quality of life of your loved one.

You can learn more about music and memory care and how Pacifica Senior Living Belleair in Clearwater can provide your loved one with the care that they need. We are here for you, your loved one and your family and are committed to improving the quality of life for everyone! Contact us to learn more about this program and all of our programs that can help you to navigate Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases!

Pacifica Senior Living Belleair Music and Memory
Music and memory at Pacifica Senior Living Belleair

Donate iPods

Thank you for your support! We accept all Apple music players in working condition. Chargers are not required but appreciated. We will mail you confirmation when we receive your device(s). Please allow a few weeks for processing. To donate your gently-used iPod, please mail it to us in a padded envelope or small box.

Shipping Instructions:

1. Help us even more by paying the postage, if you can!

2. Deactivate iPod(s) and turn off the power.

3. Place iPod and charger cord in the smallest envelope or box possible with adequate padding. Keep the earbuds. We supply residents with headphones.

4. Seal the package, add the mailing address below and drop in the mail.

Our mailing address:

Pacifica Senior Living Belleair

620 Belleair Rd

Clearwater, FL 33756

We’ll wipe clean your iPod of your personal content, restore it to factory settings and place it in the hands of someone who needs it most loaded with their favorite music.