Reviews of The Meridian at Lake San Marcos

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The Meridian at Lake San Marcos

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1177 San Marino Dr San Marcos, CA 92078 US



What happens if you become lonely And you're always thinking ”if only" And life seems to be passing you by And many times you just want to cry? Why, you go to the Meridian What happens if you can no longer drive? When you are just barely staying alive How about when four-letter words like Cook, iron and dust upon you are thrust? Why, you go to the Meridian! Now, what if you desire to play Scrabble? Or even want to dance ”The Big Apple" The sink stops up, the lamp blows a fuse Really, I don’t see how you can refuse Why, you go to the Meridian! All of these things are taken care of And many more you’re not aware of Many new friends are there to stay Don’t delay, make plans this very day Well! Just go to the Meridian!!!!!!!!!"

Written by Marie S.

"This is a lovely community, everything is working out pretty well for my mother here. The community is well-kept, her room and the community look nice and well maintained.  She is enjoying many of the activities they offer. We know she is safe and getting good care. I would highly recommend this community."




Voted Best In Senior Living 2015