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Reviews are very important to us and are the best way to let others know if our team has provided you with a great experience.

Here are a few things our community has said about us:

"Mission Villa has a solid team, their residents look really happy and cared for. I would place my mom here because I know she will be in good hands. As family members we need the security knowing they are safe especially during a pandemic. They have strict guidelines for visitors and for good reason. I have no questions Mission Villa does quality work each and every day."

"Mission Villa is clean and a fantastic place for seniors. The activities program was lively and bustling, and the staff were very friendly. Extraordinarily clean, too. I visited this place before and definitely would consider it for my family and friends."

"Easy to find, great people, healthy residents and caring team members."

"This review is extremely overdue, but I wanted to make sure to give my utmost praises to this team. This will be a lengthy review as well as I have a lot to say. My dad was diagnosed with early onset dementia at 63 years old last year and also had some behavior problems, so my family and I needed a place that could provide a higher level of compassionate and empathetic care. My mom found Pacifica Senior Living Mission Villa after he had already spent time at another senior care/assisted living facility in the area. Unfortunately, this other facility did not work out due to our care needs and monetary reasons. But once we found Pacifica Senior Living Mission Villa, it was like a godsend. My dad was treated better, and the staff was more attentive and caring with him. He told us many times that he liked it better and was even happier there, and knowing that he was happier meant the world to us. Also, the staff was more helpful in making sure my mom had reliable staff on her side during an extremely tough and stressful time, he had more space to walk around, and last but not least, they did not just keep raising costs on us and actually offered a lifelock price where we'd pay the same amount for the rest of his life, no matter if his level care of care changed. I can't tell you the peace of mind it gave my family and I knowing that he was finally in good hands, and that peace of mind helped us live our own lives feeling secure, despite a very unfortunate situation. He was in their care until he passed away from natural causes, and the team at Pacifica Mission Villa was still as helpful and compassionate as ever helping us through this time. Even though my dad was not there for a long time (only about 2 months), I really can't express enough how much Pacifica Mission Villa's service and facility truly helped us out, especially as his dementia progressed more and more. They truly were a light for us during a dark time, and we will always be thankful that we found them, although we wish we found them sooner. Pacifica Senior Living Mission Villa - my family and I are eternally grateful for you, and truly, thank you for everything that you did for my dad and my family."

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