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Respite Care

At Pacifica Senior Living Skylyn, we believe in exceptionally high-quality care for everyone, which is why we also offer a special Respite Care Program. This program is great for those requiring a short-term residence option for a loved one that still provides all the services and amenities at our award-winning senior community in Spartanburg, SC. Whether just recently discharged from the hospital or while a caregiver is going away on vacation, our community can offer temporary residence to provide extra assistance. Our staff handles everything with dedication and professionalism so that you can accomplish what you need to on a guilt-free basis while knowing they will be taken care of with dignity in a quality care setting. At Pacifica Senior Living Skylyn in Spartanburg, SC our Respite Care option provides a temporary home when you need it. Come by for a tour to discover if respite care is the right choice for you and your loved one.

Pacifica Senior Living Skylyn is proud to serve the greater Spartanburg community through the service and care we provide our senior residents, and the peace of mind we provide their families. And thanks to our proximity to the Spartanburg Medical Center (SMC), we are able to open our doors to any and all of those who need it after leaving SMC. From our Independent Living to our Respite Care program, our community is one that provides award-winning care to Spartanburg’s seniors, whatever their needs may be. Call or email us today to learn more about the services and care programs available at Pacifica Senior Living Skylyn today.