MOVING Into a Pacifica Community

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This Is Home

We understand that moving into a senior living community is a choice made after careful deliberation. While a Pacifica Senior Living home can dramatically improve the quality of life, it can also be a time of uncertainty for some. New people around, changes in the routine, and getting adjusted to a new environment can all be challenging. Our warm, welcoming, and inviting community will help you or your loved one ease into your new home, while ensuring you can live as independently as possible.

Here’s what most seniors want – and get – from Pacifica:

  • Safety
  • Friendship
  • A Social Life
  • Help w/ Cooking & Nutrition
  • Less Housework
  • No Yard Work
  • Transportation
  • Access to Medical Care
  • Help w/ Daily Activities

A Pacifica community brings seniors an inviting, warm, and welcoming community where their dignity is respected and they receive the assistance they need to thrive.

A Helping Hand to THRIVE

At Pacifica Senior Living, there are amazing services, amenities, opportunities, and friends to discover. Guidance is always there when you or your loved one need it, and your privacy and dignity is always honored. While many seniors who choose Assisted or Independent Living options at Pacifica may be in good health, these residents may need a helping hand to truly thrive. Our wonderful, empathetic team members at Pacifica treat our residents like family and we’re here every step of the way – even during the moving process.

Getting SETTLED: What to Expect

When choosing to move to a Pacifica Senior Living community, a senior should talk with family, friends, and loved ones about expectations when making any major change to one’s routine. Adjusting to a new home and new way of life can be scary or challenging – there will be changes in the routine and there will be an adjustment period to you or your loved one’s lifestyle. Knowing there will be changes will help ease some discomfort and provide an extra level of support during the transition.

A New HOME Environment

Pacifica offers studio, one, or two bedroom residences. In some cases, residents may share a space with a roommate. Seniors should prepare for changes to their living quarters that come with their new home. There may be personal items that have to be left behind and privacy at home may be different than it once was.

Privacy & Personal CARE

Moving from a private home to a community setting can be a considerable change in a senior’s routine and lifestyle. Our new residents should be prepared for less privacy – new people in their space to help with care and housekeeping as well as more socializing throughout our community amenities. Our compassionate team of caregivers is here every step of the way to help our residents feel right at home, while still respecting their dignity. Residents will still maintain a level of independence and privacy while our team provides the utmost care and support.

PLAN for Possible Setbacks

Things don’t always go as planned – small setbacks are part of the relocation process. The desire to return to a previous routine and home is normal in the first weeks and months, which is why Pacifica Senior Living makes the move-in process as simple and as welcoming as possible. This is home, and we want our residents feeling like they’re a part of the Pacifica family.


At any of our Pacifica communities, there are many caregivers and staff members throughout the property – ready to be of assistance and offer support when you or your loved one need it. These helping hands are there to assist with everything a senior needs to thrive. From personal grooming to housekeeping services and round-the-clock support.

Our communities are more close-knit than a residential neighborhood, allowing our seniors to live an active social life with plenty of opportunities to make friends and stay entertained.


We create a personal plan – including all medical information – for the utmost comfort and support:

  • Preferences
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Personal Doctors
  • Medication Management
  • Special Attention & Care

Personal CARE

Our residents will receive assistance by our compassionate caregivers with:

  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Personal Care
  • Medication
  • Personal Tasks

There are amazing services, amenities, opportunities, and friends to discover at a Pacifica Senior Living community, and guidance is always there to help understand what is offered. Reach out today to learn more about our communities and their offerings.

Let us show you the Pacifica difference.

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