Kind Words From Our Loved Ones

2020 was a year of tremendous uncertainty. All of our lives were affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. During this extraordinary time, Pacifica Senior Living continues to assist our residents in living lives that are as close to normal as they can be. Pacifica succeeds due to our amazing and dedicated employees across the country who strive to be the best in service to our residents.

We want to offer our thanks to you for the countless letters of recognition and gratitude as we continue to serve you and your family. Our success is based in your trust and belief in becoming part of the Pacifica Family. We always work together to make sure every resident continues to create enjoyable memories and strong bonds with our Pacifica Family.

So, we would like to share with you examples of Pacifica Senior Living’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and care through the experiences of our families and loved ones during this unique and extraordinary time.


This independent and assisted living community is so welcoming and helpful! During my tour for my loved one, they greeted us with a Welcome Home sign and made us feel very comfortable in this huge decision. She loved that they were very safe with their COVID procedures and the fact that they check everyone's temperatures every day. Health and safety are certainly number 1 at Avila. I feel confident and safe in this being my loved one's forever home!
- Patricia B., Avila Senior Living at Downtown SLO

My family is grateful for all you are doing to keep my loved one and other residents healthy, safe and engaged. The fact that you have not recorded a case of COVID-19 is a testament to your practice and diligence as a team. Thank you.
- J.G., Meridian at Stone Creek

My mom moved into the memory care at Heritage Hills about one month ago. It has been a hard transition during COVID but the staff has gone out of their way to be accommodating. They treat their residents with total respect and offer not just safety and comfort, but true quality of life for this fragile population. The have even figured out how to allow visitation safely in a nice spot outside. Thank you Heritage Hills in Hendersonville, NC!
- Emily C., Pacifica Senior Living Heritage Hills

The staff is so caring, kind and capable. They also communicate very well with family and notify us timely of any situation. During COVID they have kept us informed not only of our loved one but also how the home is responding to all additional care related issues. I have no worries that they are handling this challenging time with wonderful care and grace. The atmosphere is always positive and happy. I'm thankful everyday that he is in their care.
- Jeannice D., Pacifica Senior Living Portland

I could not have found a better home for my mom than Pacifica Senior Living. She has been safe and well taken care of during COVID-19. They have been extremely thorough with screening and security regulations. The place is impeccably clean and well maintained. The residents can be in the courtyard whenever they want to, which is a very important factor for my mother. She's lived there almost 2 years, and has never been calmer and happier since she got dementia. They have very creative activities every day and whenever they can, they take the residents on a ride, or go out for lunch. But, most of all, the beauty of the place resides in the staff, caretakers, med-techs, nurses, activity managers, and directors. Their job is not easy, particularly duringt this difficult time, and they manage to do everything with a smile and kindness towards their residents. I am very grateful for that, highly appreciate their work and thank them immensely!
- Martine C., Pacifica Senior Living Vacaville

My husband and I appreciate and feel blessed to have my mother living in the Memory Care unit at Scottsdale Village Square, especially during this time of COVID-19. It has been our experience that every caretaker, nurse, medical technician, and staff member takes excellent and sensitive care of Mom. We also greatly appreciate the communications we receive from Scottsdale Village Square. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Nancy S., Scottsdale Village Square

I am touched beyond words about the way Pacifica senior living Portland is handling COVID-19. They're doing their absolute best they can. I have all the faith that they will continue to provide the safest environment for my dad. I have the the utmost respect for the employees a thank you on behalf of our family for doing such a great job. I can't wait until the day we can visit and thank each and everyone of you in person. Hang in there!
-P.J., Pacifica Senior Living Portland

While things have gotten so crazy and rules keep changing with the COVID-19 virus, I sure appriecate and respect how this is all being handled! I have a family member that lives here and is very happy. My kids and I come to the door and get to see each other and we talk on the phone now much more. Shout out to all that are staying with guidelines at Pacifica! We appriciate you keeping our families safe and entertained!
- Brad C., Pacifica Senior Living San Martin

This community puts the health and well being of its residents first. We residents are mostly in our 80's and 90's so we are generally fragile. We are vulnerable to pandemics such as COVID-19 currently and the care they're taking to keep us safe is spectacular.
- Dr. George L., Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace

The care team at Pacifica is comprised of individuals that do not just work here but treat this community as though it is also their home. Through all the COVID days, time and time again the staff show their care and empathy for how hard this is for our senior population right now. Beyond that, the way the staff interact is as though their loved ones were here. Come and see for yourself, the joy that is our Team!
- Ahna P., Pacifica Senior Living Ellensburg 

My mom, Corinn is a resident at Calaroga terrace. She just let me know that everyone in the facility has tested negative for Covid 19. I live 3,000 miles away in Ohio and it makes me very envious to be so far away from her at a time when our seniors are all at risk, especially those living closely together. I just want to thank the staff at Calaroga for everything they've done and continue to do, to keep my mum and all of the residents there healthy and safe. I know you're all working so hard and maybe don't hear it enough. Thank you!
- A.L., Pacifica Senior Living Calaroga Terrace

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize the tremendous professionalism, diligence and dedication of Dina Scalia, Activity Director at the Meridian Lake San Marcos. I speak as someone who not only observes Dina's contributions first hand but also as one who interacts on a regular basis with The Meridian residents. A recent example of Dina's above and beyond concern for the welfare of her residents will illustrate. The lockdown implemented due to COVID-19 concerns stopped all personal interactions from outside of the community. Dina immediately approached me with the (brilliant) idea to virtual broadcasts of both the chapel service and sing-along piano entertainment. They are able to transmit these broadcasts to 100% of the residents. Of the 20+ communities I routinely perform for, Dina's residents are the amongst the happiest and most contented and I am convinced it is owing directly to her comprehensive approach to the well-being and happiness of these dear souls. The Meridian at Lake San Marcos is most fortunate to have her!
- Taylor B., Meridian at Lake San Marcos