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Living Options

At Pacifica Senior Living Ocala, we promote an independent lifestyle where you or those you love will have full freedom of choice, as well as the care, companionship, and support needed to savor the golden years to the fullest. As a premier Independent Living and Assisted Living campus, we made it our mission to help you lead an active, fulfilling lifestyle, make long-lasting friendships, and discover new talents.

Our greatest desire is to offer the senior care services available, which is why our award-winning senior living community provides attractive amenities, well-curated services, and the individualized care plans one might require. Starting with the thoughtful, single-level housing options available, and continuing with our staff’s professional assistance, we made sure nothing was left to chance.

As an Independent Living resident, you will have the opportunity to indulge in a stress-free lifestyle and focus on what makes you happy without having to worry about the mundane aspects of life. Those looking for high-end Assisted Living will enjoy as much independence as they want, as well as the compassionate assistance they might require. Contact our team to learn more about our living options and to discover what makes our community an excellent choice for premier senior living in Ocala, FL.

Independent Living