Property white Logo at Alta Vista Senior Living, California, 92083

Assisted Living

A Plan for Better Living

At Vista Village Senior Living, life happens according to plan – a comfortable, dynamic, detail-oriented plan. Daily activity is the result of proven practices, systems, standards and an organization that has been refined by experience. You’ll notice the calming structure that comes from master planning with your very first visit. Similar to the motivation of our residents, we strive for balance: activity is balanced with quiet spots, fine dining with casual flair, full-service programs with a la carte freedom.

An Appetite for Quality and Choices

The food experience at Vista Village Senior Living is flexible, unexpected and mouth-watering. It offers the choices and variety you might expect to find on a cruise, the service and style offered by a fine restaurant and the convenience of a favorite drive thru. Fresh meals are prepared multiple times each day. Fresh baked goods, vine-ripened fruits and crisp salads are among the daily favorites, but special requests based or your dietary needs or personal preferences are always welcomed. You can sit down and relax and eat as you ponder the day. And the best part is that you never have to worry about the preparation or clean up.

Get Up and Go...Or Not

We know that for some of our residents, retirement living is all about relaxing with a good book and a glass of lemonade, but if you want to get up and go and be part of the action, Vista Village Senior Living is the place. Virtually every day, activities and outings abound throughout the community. There are exercise groups and local day trips, live entertainment and music enrichment, cultural activities and sports action. Of course, you can take it all in at your own pace and your suggestions and preferences are what help us fine-tune the programs to fit the community. So when you’re ready to get up and go, there are plenty of options.


It's Made For You

Like the other homes you’ve lived in throughout your life, our intention is to make Vista Village Senior Living a comfortable, personalized fit. Our residents feel like this community was built specifically for them with features, amenities and thoughtful touches that result in an immersive, one-to-one experience. Indoor comfort transcends into the outdoor signatures that create soothing backdrops and back-to nature escapes. Our living services and Vista Village extras complement the physical form. There’s weekly housekeeping service, with fresh linens and towels and daily tidy-up service (extra charge may apply); and spacious bedrooms with private baths. The large common areas include fireplaces and parlors and even specialized services such as a beauty shop. Vista Village isn’t just living well, it’s living with style.

Relax, You're Among Friends

The best relationships are true partnerships whereby choices and lifestyles are respected, but a helping hand is always nearby. Our staff is available 24-hours a day. All living quarters are equipped with an emergency response system, so help can be on its way with the touch of a button. Escorts assistance and help with eating, bathing, medication management or getting dressed is offered for the asking. Living at Vista Village Senior Living means that you’re always among friends.