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Why Veterans Should Consider Senior Living!


We need companion and care at every stage of life! It makes us happy knowing there is somebody to take care of us, our routines. Being veterans you have sacrificed each stage of your life to serve for the nation, now it’s our time to take care of you, your requirement, your safety, your priorities, and your interests.

At Pacifica senior living you can live your days the way you wished to. We respect you and aim to give you the highest quality of care. Because we cater to veterans, there are chances you can meet a missing company of fellow service members. Apart from this, Being veterans you and your spouse both are entitled to special discount regardless you are planning for senior living or nursing at home.

A veteran can expect their benefits to cover:

  • Cost of an assisted living community or nursing home, even in-home care
  • If you are willing, the money can also be used to pay your adult child to act as caregiver, however, it can’t be given to a spouse for that purpose!
  • Additional reimbursements for those with disabilities or service-related injuries that are not yet eligible based on their age alone.

Eligibility for Veteran Retirement Community:

As a veteran, you may have numerous financial benefits available to you that can help cover the full or some of the cost of senior living. You don’t necessarily need to serve till retirement to avail VA pension. Each senior veteran housing community will have different requirement to be able to stay there. Pacifica senior living offers special discounts to veterans. To know more about the specials visit

It’s not only you who is availing all the benefits but your spouse or child could also qualify for a tax-free monthly stipend. Though many veterans are not fully taking advantage available to them, But if you meet the income and eligibility requirements, you could begin receiving a monthly stipend that could drastically reduce the cost of senior living. Discover more with Pacifica senior living about the different options available to you.

We have many communities across the country to help you, decide your priorities first such as:

  • If looking for assisted living, how much assistance do you need for your activities of daily living? (e.g., bathing and getting dressed)
  • How much independence and privacy do you want?
  • What sort of social interactions is important to you?
  • How much can you afford to pay for care each month?

At the Assisted Living Facility, you can be social or have your privacy. You enjoy doing some cooking for yourself and knowing your family can go about their busy lives without worrying about you.

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