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Pacifica Residents & Staff First in Line for Vaccine

  We are excited to announce that Pacifica Senior Living is first in line to vaccinate our residents & staff nationwide!   The wait for the COVID-19 vaccine is finally over! Beginning December 30, residents in several of our communities will start receiving the first wave of vaccinations against this disease, with the rest to…

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What Seniors Should Expect From the COVID-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 vaccines are here. The first shipment of the Pfizer-produced vaccine arrived at the end of November and was approved by the FDA last Friday, so people can finally begin the process of fully protecting themselves from the virus. The Moderna vaccine should also be approved later this week, which means more doses can…

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Pacifica Residents Will Be Among First To Receive New Vaccine

Pacifica Senior Living residents and staff will be among the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine! As the world eagerly awaits a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, the team of professionals at Pacifica Senior Living have been actively planning for its arrival. Once the vaccine is approved by the CDC and its distribution is set…

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