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Less known facts about Alzheimer’s!

Alzheimer's disease offers the ultimate individual experience and claims no one in the same way. The most common early sign of Alzheimer's is difficulty remembering newly learned information.  Statistics show that all that is good for one’s heart might as well be good for the mind. The fact that heart related diseases are connected to Alzheimer's disease is also true. Because a person with diseases related to heart is prone to Alzheimer's, despite the fact that the reasons may differ. Alzheimer's disease is caused due to amyloid plaque build-up in the brain. People above the age of 85 whose diet consists of fish in majority are less prone to the disease. Therefore, it is a known fact that if the body has low levels of omega3 fatty acids, there is something about 67% chances of acquiring the Alzheimer's.

“Is it possible to treat the patient with something natural and safe by means of an alternative medicine? Any natural treatment or therapy will be able to improve my beloved one condition? Is it strong enough to have a positive effect on Alzheimer's sufferers?  The answer is “YES”!

Researchers have been investing a lot of time and money in the hopes of finding an Alzheimer's cure! Here are some to cure Alzheimer’s naturally:

Coconut oil can cure Alzheimer’s

There are numerous accounts of how coconut oil has saved a loved one from the debilitating outcomes of this degenerative disease.

  • If in the early stages of Alzheimer's two tablespoons of coconut oil a day and the results were miraculous. 
  • Symptoms and memory fog will be diminished greatly.
  • What scientists are finding is that coconut oil actually can slow or even prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease through the medium-chain fatty acids.
  • The brain's main source of fuel is glucose but it also readily accepts ketones. In the absence of glucose the brain actually breaks down fats into ketone bodies as an alternative sense of fuel. This makes sense because our brain is made up of about two-thirds fat! To actually build brain cells one must consume essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids are fats that your body cannot make this own your own and this is where coconut oil, highly comprised of ketone bodies, comes in.

Fish oil

A substantial amount of improvement can be seen in people in their cognitive skills due to Alzheimer's:

  • When provided with adequate supplement of fish oil constituting a major portion of DHA acid.
  • People with deficiencies in the DHA often suffer from depression and memory loss.
  • A study comprising of 500 patients in Europe in 1994 states that these patients whose intake of DHA consisting of 90mg daily for six months showed tremendous progress in alleviating the disease.
  • The consumption of fish oil benefits the Alzheimer's if the content of the DHA is high enough in the supplement.
  • Some scientist believe that even people who are predisposed off genetically to Alzheimer's can be able to hold back for longer period or increase the intake the DHA.

Another interesting fact:

  • Those suffering from diabetes are three times more likely to develop Alzheimer's. This correlation is significant and scientists believe that the main link between the two is that diabetes affects the way in which the brain and other body tissues utilize sugar or glucose, in response to insulin.
  • Aromatherapy with lemon balm essential oil may have a place as adjunctive therapy in patients with Alzheimer's. It is quite clear that this additional natural treatment has a significant effect to reduce the agitation and neuropsychiatric symptoms.

To help you reduce the chance of contracting Alzheimer’s it's important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, choose carefully what you eat and drink and take more exercise. In fact researchers believe the happier and healthier someone is with Alzheimer's, the slower his or her decline. Luckily, early-onset symptoms of this disease are very rare because it primarily affects the elderly; there have however, been recent occasions (although rare) where a younger person has developed this condition. More importantly, add coconut oil to your daily healthcare regimen. Try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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