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Flu-free yourself this Holiday season


Holiday season majorly comprises of shopping for gifts, decorating spaces and holiday parties with family, relatives & relatives. Due to the cold weather, most of us spend our times within the confines of a warm space. The lack of fresh air and the activity of holiday times make our immune system weak and prone to infections. Getting sick during the holidays is the worst. You do not have the energy to carry out mundane activities or bake chocolate cookies for your grandchildren.

To safeguard yourself from flu, take these preventive measures at the onset of winter. If you haven’t already, do it now.

  • Vaccination: Getting a flu shot is the best method to defend your body from flu.
  • Proper hygiene: Germs spread through contact, so try to limit physical contact. Practice good hygiene by regular hand washing in hot, soapy water. While going outdoors, make sure to carry an alcohol-based sanitizer and use it frequently to avoid contamination of germs.
  • Balanced diet: Consuming a balanced diet, full of zinc, vitamins and other nutrients is one of the easiest ways to defend your immune system. Meat, seafood, oysters, black-eyed peas and eggs make it to the list of good food sources of nutrients.
  • Adequate sleep and exercise: A senior citizen requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. Make sure that you sleep well and enough, so that your body is not weary due to lack of sleep. Exercise plays a pivotal role in keeping you active during winters. Keeping yourself active and healthy helps you ward off the diseases, as exercise increases your body’s immunity cells.
  • Echinacea & garlic – Herbal wonder, Echinacea, is a champion against infections, especially flu and common cold. On the other hand, garlic aids in easing the chest congestion. Taking small amounts of garlic as part of daily food intake will drastically reduce the occurrence of colds and flu.

With these precautions taken, your body is equipped to fight against infections. Enjoy your holidays with vigour and free of worry!

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