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Active Life, Active You

Exercise has been known to add years to our life, but a more imperative aspect is adding life to our years. An active lifestyle will not only enhance your appearance, but will also make you experience a higher sense of well-being as well as feel positive, energetic and sharper. With progression in age come many…

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Healthy Eating Pointers for Seniors

Healthy eating plays a major role in our overall well-being, no matter our age. As we age, ensuring proper intake of nutritious and healthy food becomes vital.  With passing age, metabolism slows down, immunity reduces, strength diminishes and you are more likely to develop malnutrition as well as chronic diseases. However, these limitations pertaining to…

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Age is just a number

Since the time of our birth, we have been rushed to do things. Rushed to walk when we had started to crawl, rushed to school when all we had done is drool over the gorgeous mix of colors on the cover of our mother’s fashion magazine, rushed to get into college after high school, rushed…

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