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Art therapy benefits for seniors!

Art is therapeutic and is sometimes called expressive art or art psychology that is facilitated by the art therapist.  This therapy is being popular with the age group of 65 to explore feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, further self-awareness, manage performance and obsession, increase social skills, decrease anxiety, and raise self-respect. A purpose in art therapy…

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Natural remedies for joint pain

Joint pains can be very hurtful when appropriate measures are not taken and this even explains why some people will often face so much difficulty when they have any situation such as joint pains. Well the good news is that, provided the appropriate measures are being practiced, this particular problem will definitely be eliminated. Natural…

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Sleep promoting food for seniors

While it is essential for people of all ages to stay healthy. It is more especially important for senior citizens to maintain healthy eating habits to stay active which is important in the prevention of chronic illnesses. Maintaining regular daily routines reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality in seniors. Proper sleep is extremely important for…

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