How Pacifica Senior Living is Responding to the COVID-19 Virus: Update 3-11-2020

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Attn: Pacifica Senior Living Residents,

 Families, Staff and Loved Ones


Ensuring the health and well-being of our residents and employees is always our first priority and with the new virus COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, we are following all recommended guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Our staff has been trained on proper procedures and will continue to be vigilant to ensure we are keeping our community prepared. We are proactively focused on prevention using the following methods:

  • All guests including family, friends, vendors and staff should limit visits unless absolutely necessary.
  • Upon entering the community all guests may be required to complete a screening.
  • We are asking visitors to please enter a community through the main entrance and wash their hands and/or utilize available hand sanitizer whenever they enter the community.
  • We are postponing some social events or excursions where our residents would be exposed to groups of people from the general public.
  • We strongly recommend family members refrain from taking residents out of the community to visit public gathering spaces, including shopping malls, casinos, movie theaters, etc. Visits to private family homes are acceptable.
  • We continue to ask additional screening questions to new residents to ensure they have not been exposed to COVID-19 or visited affected areas.
  • Encouraging family, friends, staff, vendors, and all potential visitors who are ill to postpone visits to the community until they are well.

Additional cleaning protocols include:

  • Heightened focus on disinfecting high-touch areas like doorknobs, elevator buttons, faucets and handrails
  • Increased cleaning of high-traffic common areas such as dining rooms and activity spaces
  • Reinforcing hand-washing and infection control training for all employees
  • Providing additional personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies

Our Resident health and safety is always our top priority and we thank you in advance for helping to support us in our company-wide efforts to keep our community COVID-19 free.



 The Pacifica Senior Living Team

For additional information, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

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