Art therapy benefits for seniors!

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Art is therapeutic and is sometimes called expressive art or art psychology that is facilitated by the art therapist.  This therapy is being popular with the age group of 65 to explore feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, further self-awareness, manage performance and obsession, increase social skills, decrease anxiety, and raise self-respect. A purpose in art therapy is to get better or reinstate functioning and sense of personal well-being.

“Any medium can be used for art therapy include painting, drawing, sketching, sculpting and clay modeling.”

Improve the quality of life: Art therapy can help improve the quality of life for people as they get older. A 10-year study from researchers found that a positive outlook in life can have health benefits. Another study 300 seniors over a two year period found those who attended the arts program had better health while those who did not attend saw their health deteriorate.

Benefits for Dementia patients: A helpful treatment for people experiencing autism, dementia, depression, and other disorders, art therapy resolve conflicts, develop interpersonal skills, manage challenging behaviors, decrease depressing stress, and achieve personal insight as it also facilitates people with their social skills.

Helpful for Introverts: The benefits of art therapy in these types of conditions can help with people who are reserved or shy, or who, for some reason or another, have a hard time functioning within social situations. On the whole, the benefits of art therapy can be quite wide.

Some of the proven benefits of engaging in creative activities are:

  • Provides a form of nonverbal communication and expression
  • Gives the individual a sense of choice and control
  • Helps to reduce stress, fear, and anxiety
  • Enriches relationships and encourages socialization
  • Activates the senses and inspires spontaneity
  • Encourages playfulness and a sense of humor
  • Restores and motivates muscle memory
  • Improves cognition and focuses attention
  • Evokes new opportunities for connecting with others
  • Reduces boredom
  • Leads to self-expression and self-discovery
  • Improves emotional and physical health
  • Nurtures a sense of Self and renewed self-esteem
  • Promotes relaxation and decreases disruptive behavior

At Pacifica Senior Living Communities, to encourage our residents to take part in daily activities we plan various strength promoting art and craft activities like Rock painting, Drawing, theme decoration, scrabble, cooking and many more. Apart from these we also plan some fun activities like festival celebrations, daily exercise sessions, gardening, outing, one day picnic, dinner plans, aerobics and many more to promote physical health.

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