How to convert a house into senior friendly home!

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While you may not have the ability to stop yourself aging, you can make large changes to your home environment to accommodate them. This can vastly improve the safety of your home, causing substantial reductions in the risk of falling and the likelihood of home invasion.

As we know, our capacity deteriorates as we get older. It becomes increasingly difficult to get around the house, there are high chances you find it more difficult to perceive depth and see objects in your peripheral vision. 

Each of these factors are known to contribute to an increased risk of falls while making us more susceptible to home based incidents. By improving their surrounding through a number of different means you can greatly increase their health, safety, and longevity! From senior-friendly bathroom fixtures to kitchen conveniences, from living room security to bedroom safety, you want to do it right.

It’s essential to safeguard homes for seniors as there is not always someone to discover and help them quickly. Here are some tips by which you can reduce the chances of fall and injury: 

Bathroom safety

  • Add grab bars
  • Add bath mats
  • Check bath tub heights
  • Use door locks that can be opened from both the sides

Bedroom safety

  • Remove all rugs
  • Remove clutter wherever possible
  • Make sure there is enough light
  • Ensure proper bed height
  • Remove loose cords

Kitchen safety

  • Keep an emergency contact list
  • Ensure working smoke detectors are active
  • Replace slippery things with grippy things
  • Optimize cabinet heights
  • Stay organized and remove clutter
  • Make floors less slippery

Living room safety

  • Remove sharp furniture, glass furniture
  • Is there enough room to move around safety
  • Is the furniture stable
  • Check carpet for safety issues

Home Security and monitor

  • Consider a medical alert system
  • Install wireless home security system

Why choose Pacifica senior living?

The homely care and environment provided at Pacifica Senior Living will help in promoting independent living and empowerment of the individual. It is this state of mind which can work wonders in promoting mental health as well as the stability which the domestic setting offers will boost up the sense to be in control.

Apart from these there are many other benefits of our senior living community care that have made us so popular. So what are you waiting for? Schedule your personal tour to nearest senior living community and ask for our current specials.

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