You are never too old to make new friends!

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Create your very own community within the community

We can easily make friends during our young age but once you leave the school, college or working world, you no longer have regular access to respective places or people; you shared significant life moments with. So it can be difficult to maintain or grow your network of friends when you are retired. Well, it’s the time to change this typical thinking, retirement actually affords the perfect opportunity to spend time with those you enjoy.

A study indicates that close friendships are very important for your physical, mental and emotional health. Your self-esteem and longevity are linked to close friendships.

Friends are good for Health

Did you know that the depression is common among seniors? Depression amongst seniors is often caused by loneliness. One of the remarkable benefits of a senior community is that it provides the residents with a healthy social aspect. A social life is important to a senior's well-being. They have an opportunity to make friends and interact with each other through social activities organized by the communities. This constant socialization enhances the seniors' quality of living.

Let’s learn how you can expand your circle of friends in social communities or after retirement:

Socialization: One of the exciting advantages of moving to a senior living community is the variety of social opportunities and it is one of the easiest ways to make new friends.  Try to get in touch with other residents and neighbors. Your initiative matter a lot here! Chances are many of your community residents and neighbors will want to get together.

Share similar interest: Chase your dreams, start pursuing activities that you have always wanted to try whether it is painting, gardening, yoga or cooking. Look for a class that interests you. Attend classes consistently so that you have time to meet new people and build relationships.

Community events: Whether it’s of your interest or not, just attends various events. Even if the event does not seem like something you are really interested in, getting out of the house increases your chances of making new friends. Many times new friends are found in the most unlikely places. Pacifica communities offer many social activities so that you can engage yourself and make new friends!

Travel: Traveling is fun itself, but traveling in a group gives you time for bonding with new friends. From weeks spent exploring another city, state, country or to a weekend tour of nearby wineries, beaches or maybe historical places.

Reconnect with old friends: Social media can be very helpful in helping you to connect with old friends and at times you can easily connect with friends of friends who have same interests as you.  

Have pets: Animals are our best friends!  Get a pet! Take them for a walk or to other pet activities’ communities, start conversations with other walkers. This way you and your pet both can have a new friend! At Pacifica Senior Living community, pet adoption is one of the events we offer!

Although it is not always easy to meet new people after retirement, it is not impossible either. As you try new things and explore, you will come across with all kinds of people. However don’t be at all afraid to share your passions and interests. If you are willing to put yourself out there initiate and open up you might uncover your next best friend to be.

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