How our communities differ from other typical senior livings?

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We conquer Common Myths of Senior Living!!!


Many times when people become a certain age, they start to believe they can no longer have fun and enjoy life. This notion, however, is far from the truth.

Pacifica Senior Living Communities offer independence and activity in a safe, compassionate and encouraging environment. Residents are able to quickly create their own personal lifestyle with the care and guidance of trained and skilled professionals.

Here are common Myths that you don’t have to face, being our Valued Residents.

Myth 1: Losing Independence

While some enter to Senior Living to receive support, it is still possible to remain independent and active. Many Communities offer individual apartments to residents, enabling people to have privacy and independence. Residents can decorate their apartments however they wish. Residents keep their own keys to their units with separate entrances. So we name it “Independent living” rather than “senior living”.

Myth 2: Giving Up Hobbies

Even when residing in Senior Living, people can pursue hobbies they haven’t enjoyed their entire lives. We offer programs and classes designed to teach new skills and hobbies. Some of these classes may be about subjects that are already familiar to residents. Depending on the home, other opportunities for hobbies may also be available, including gardening on the common grounds, painting or pottery in an art studio, and square dancing.

Myth 3: Lack of entertainments

Leave your preconceived notion of senior living behind. At Pacifica, We provide trustworthy care in a pleasant and enjoyable environment. Activities don’t have to be limited just to bingo night and holiday dinners. There are other unique functions that can make the experience worthwhile.

  • Music events

Music could be played from the 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s. Each attendee would be encouraged to dress up in an outfit from the decade they graduated such as poodle skirts or letterman jackets. Family members and friends could also be invited to join in on the fun.

  • Karaoke Night

Participants could either go solo or get together in teams and perform one of their favourite songs. They could even dress up if they choose. The night doesn't have to just be for the seniors. People in the community could also come in to watch.

Myth 4: Infirm Residents

Although many people who opt for senior living may have declining health, do not assume that everyone there will be immobile. On the contrary, many people opt to move to an assisted care living because of the social opportunities it offers. These residents appreciate interacting with peers in classes and outings, staying active, and connecting with others.


Myth 5: Dietary Restrictions

While typical senior livings may have a reputation for boring food, the food served to Pacifica’s senior living residents is usually much more impressive. Many facilities have created an enjoyable dining experience for people. These dining rooms include full-service restaurants with a wait staff that will cater to the desires of the residents. Professional chefs prepare food on extensive menus with themes and a variety of indoor and outdoor dining options.

Senior living doesn't have to be boring. It can be a great way to live your latter years with all of the wisdom and experiences you've gained over time in a fun, creative, inexpensive and enjoyable way.

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