The Quest To Craft A Fulfilling Life

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Finding a purpose helps you live an enriched, accomplished life. Here’s how you can find that crucial purpose to add that extra zing to your life.

Almost every human being’s passage of life is more or less the same – birth, education, career, and family, raising children and taking care of aging parents – until one day, all these responsibilities cease to exist. Your children are well-settled, juggling their own career and family responsibilities, like you once did. You have finally retired from work and can now live not just an untroubled and hassle-free life, but also make a difference to society. It is this stage that makes a difference in your life. With no responsibilities or needs to attend to, you can actually do what makes you happy. This is where ‘purpose’ comes in.

Purpose is a combination of focus, resolve and intent towards achieving the goal of our lives. It is absolutely vital to have a purpose no matter where you stand on the age-line. When no specific purpose has been embraced, people tend to succumb to lives of melancholy and solitude. On the other hand, people with a meaningful purpose have shown noteworthy advances in psychological health and well-being. Throughout our lives, we work to take living to the next life. Our golden years are a time when we can give everything we have to put our lives on the path we desire and attain something that means the world to us.

Why is having a purpose crucial?  The entire context of our lives is purely dependent on the purpose we define. Without that, we are just humans existing, passing each day without actually reveling in the beauty life has to offer. If we are clear about our life’s purpose, then we align our goals to match it and move mountains to attain them. Purpose is integral in keeping the three factors of human living – mind, body and spirit – hale and hearty. By engaging, expressing, enjoying, learning and growing, we need to enrich the mind, body and spirit..

Activities you can take up to lead a purposeful life:

Sweat it out – Physical movement is important to maintain an active body and mind at all ages. Cardiovascular and strength exercises to aid in the flow of blood to the brain, thus enhancing cognitive ability.

Paint the town red – Indulge in any form of art. It helps you to express yourself and offers a sense of gratification and pride.

Sharing is good for you – All through your life, you have gained knowledge, wisdom, and intellect through personal, professional and casual experiences. These experiences are accomplishments, the outcome of facing hardships and rising despite everything. Sharing your talent and life experiences helps you connect with others and contribute to society.

Gather all the knowledge you can – Engage the brain by learning new things and taking on new challenges. Lifelong learning and thoughtful engagement aid in maintaining cognitive health and are essential pillars of mental well-being. A number of colleges and universities allow seniors to join classes on campus or online at no charge.

Generosity goes a long way – Giving back to the community helps you to remain physically vigorous and mentally fit. Generosity also provides a sense of meaning, purpose, and accomplishment.

It’s a La La Land – Music has been proven to have strong connections to cognitive health. Listening to music will help you recall old, fond memories and aid in creating new ones. Musical therapies and activities can enhance cognitive ability, thus leading to mental health and longevity.

Fulfill your heart’s desire – Now is the time for you to do what you have always wanted to do, but could not because of various reasons. You can make up for lost time by spending your golden years doing what you had once desired to do – maybe learning a new language, traveling, taking up hobbies such as writing, painting, sculpting, and making it a part of your daily routine.

The pivotal reason why ‘purpose’ is important for each one of us is because we, as humans, want to make a difference. We wish to be a part of something greater than our lives, however small it may be. But, purpose means different things to different people. You need to figure out what works for you, the activities that fill you with a sense of elation. Another crucial feeling is gratitude. When you are thankful for all that has happened in your life, you can acknowledge it as part of your personal journey. As long as you are content with your past, you can be happy in the days ahead.

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