What should be on your resolution list this New Year?

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Yet another year has passed and the New Year is about to dawn upon us.

With 2018 just a day away, today marks the end of 2017.  Tomorrow will be a new year, a new chance at life; rejoice in the joyful moments, learn from the lessons 2017 brought and look forward to enjoy 2018 a bit more than 2017.

This year, vow to take care of your overall health, vow to make time for people and things that matter most to you, and lastly vow to lead a happy, fulfilled life!

Here is a list of resolutions that we think should make to your New Year’s resolution list!

  • Active lifestyle – Routine exercise plays a pivotal role in the process of healthy aging. Dedicate at least 10 minutes of your day to physical activity by indulging in a brisk walk, aerobics, yoga, Tai-chi or swimming. Gradually, increase the 10 minute time slot till you finally reach the weekly recommended time of 150 minutes.
  • Healthy eating choices – Ensure that your meals are well-balanced. Avoid canned products and stick to natural ingredients as much as possible. Desserts hold a special corner in our hearts. As tempting as is a candy after lunch, you need to switch to healthier options. Dark chocolates and fruits serve as better alternatives to candies and other sweet treats.
  • Spending time with grandchildren: Your grandchildren are angels. Nothing is as special as the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Try to meet them as much as possible. At other times, stay in touch with them through social sites or give them a call every weekend to hear all about which adventure they embarked upon this week!
  • Volunteering: One of the most gratifying experiences is giving back to the society. The knowledge and experience you have gained over the years, will help you provide a different perspective. Additionally, signing up as a volunteer with local organisations will open chances to meet new people. This way, you get to make new friends and at the same time help the society in a small way.
  • Brain workout: Challenging your brain with a variety of trivia and activities is another crucial part of healthy aging. Learning a new language or training in a new skill set is something which is as beneficial as it is enjoyable.
  • Cross off things on your bucket-list: Remember that bucket-list you had made a long time ago and is now tucked inside your diary? Is it a trip to Amsterdam? Bungee-jumping? Standing on the topmost floor of the Eiffel Tower? Fish that piece of paper out and find things that you can accomplish and get right to it. It is time you cross off a few more things off your bucket-list.
  • Get a check-up: Visit your doctor once a year to stay in touch with your overall well-being. Getting a regular check-up is important to stay healthy and happy.
  • You are your own cheerleader: Every positive step you take, every effort you execute to accomplish your goals, is YOUR win. Be appreciative and glad about all the steps you undertake; to alter life, a little bit at a time.

We, at Pacifica Senior Living, wish you a fabulous year ahead; have a happy & healthy 2018!

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