Retirement hues, No blues!

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When you leave the work place you so dedicatedly worked at all these years, not only are you parting from the day to day work that kept you occupied; you are also going to miss Marcus from the 5th floor, Susan from Accounting & Katie from HR. These are the people you spend time more with, compared to your family. Now that you won’t go to office regularly, staying in touch with your work friends and colleagues can be a bit of a hassle.

So what? When life closes one door, look for another one to open up! Post retirement, you have the freedom to do everything your younger self aspired to do. People of all age groups need friends; someone they can share their dreams, fears & situations with.

Without this friendly companionship, people often tend to succumb to isolation & loneliness. While loneliness is a thing anyone can feel at any point of time, even in a room surrounded by people, it is crucial to try to fight it. Isolation & loneliness can have a negative effect on one’s physical, emotional as well as mental health, thereby reducing longevity.

In today’s day & age, seniors are offered a variety of options to explore and indulge in what they like best! Here are some things you can try today:

  • Volunteer: What’s more gratifying than giving back to the society? Sign up as a volunteer with local organisations. It will open chances to meet new people. This way, you get to make new friends and at the same time help the society in a small way.
  • Local Events: Check the local papers for events and partake in them. Go to these events even if you think you won’t enjoy it. Events mean outgoing people, and all you need to do is go and hang out with them. By the end of the event, you have a friend circle and you guys are already meeting for dinner next week!
  • Technology: With the increasing use of technology, you can chat and talk to old friends via Skype, Face Time & Facebook. You can also join online portals such as Meetup & Stitch where Meetup will help you meet other seniors & Stitch will showcase events held in your locality. What are you waiting for? Get, set, click!
  • Join a club: Clubs are a great place to meet people of similar interests! May it be reading, knitting, golfing, gardening, traveling, etc. You get to showcase your expertise and at the same time learn a bit more.
  • Gym/Yoga classes: Join a gym or yoga class in your locale. The workout is good for your body and gym & yoga classes are the places where people strike up conversations about the weather, physical fitness, locality and much more!
  • Mentoring: Engage with the younger generation by mentoring them in the fields of education, business & society and helping them come up with realistic solutions. This is a place where your knowledge and years of expertise can be used for grooming the generation responsible for today and tomorrow.
  • Travel group: If you are an avid traveller, log in to Road Scholar or Elder Treks to find people such as yourself who are waiting to explore the world! Go on an epic trip in the companionship of kindred souls and find yourself feeling rejuvenated!
  • Adult Day Care: Another interesting choice Pacifica Senior Living offers is Adult Day Care. If you are staying with family or at your own house and do not wish to shift to a senior living community, sign up for an Adult Day Care program. We welcome you to enjoy your days indulged in fun, enriching, and social activities!

The important factor in all the activities mentioned above is companionship. You have lived & grown, and this the time to take life by the reins and savour each moment life presents with! 

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