Glimpse into our Legacies Memory Care Program

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What is life if not a compilation of moments of happiness, love, care and gratifying ventures? At any stage in life, everyone needs an understanding ear, a helping hand, a kind heart, a happy soul to brighten their days. They can do it themselves, but an external effort holds a charm of its own.

At Pacifica Senior Living, we acknowledge that everyone deserves a full-rounded life and we constantly put in our efforts to help our residents live a little better, a little happier, and a little fulfilled. The philosophy that we stick to is – at the end of the day, if our residents sleep with a smile on their face, we know that we did well. And every day is a new day, filled with new as well as varied things.

Our Legacies Memory Care Services are aimed to enrich the lives of individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive impairments. While these conditions are overwhelming, our proficient and highly trained staff members are groomed to offer the required care and assistance to each one of our residents.

At our Memory Care communities, the basic architecture and d├ęcor design is strategically planned to provide seniors a sense of homeliness. The open spaces within the safety of the community allow seniors to enjoy the warm outdoors and connect with nature. Days at our communities are filled with fun activities such as bingo, knitting, Bunco nights, Happy Hours, Musical entertainment, Card games, etc. These activities engage residents on a social level; interact with other residents as well as our staff members and form really close bonds. Physically engaging activities such as stretching, yoga and walking within the community premises give residents the required physical activity, without stressing them out. Art and craft activities engage residents on a creative level; giving them a sense of accomplishment and gratification. Our weekly outings are loved by all our residents! It is the time when all of us get together, go out and have lots of fun!

The Music and Memory Program at our community involves curating a personalized music playlist for each individual resident. This ingenious approach has shown remarkable positive effects on our residents. They go back to happier times; feel stimulated which makes them feel good and happy.

Apart from these regular schedules, our communities host events on special and festive days. A time when families come down and enjoy with their loved ones is really fulfilling for our residents as well as us. Our staff members interact with the family and this just strengthens the bond between the resident, their family and us!

At Pacifica Senior Living, we offer more than care options. We offer love and care, we offer fun and engaging activities to indulge in, we offer events to celebrate and revel in, and we offer a safe and comfortable environment to live in. We give you the opportunity to lead a well-rounded and happy life!

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