The Sunny Side of Life

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In this day and age where we spend most of our time stuck in front of an electronic gadgets – may it be television, mobiles, laptops, tablets, etc. we miss out on simple things such as the first sun rays of the morning, the light breeze of dusk, the chirping of the birds, the splash of the river and so much more! It is crucial on many levels to connect with our natural surroundings because spending time outdoors is beneficial to the brain, body and soul. Learn all about the benefits of being outdoors here!

  • Give your mood a positive boost!– When you spend time outdoors, the change in scenery combined with the smell of freshly cut grass and the feeling of the warm sun as well as the light breeze, boosts the mood of individuals. Senses of sights, smell, hearing and touch are heightened and the positive effect of outdoors results in a happy state of mind which lasts for days at times.
  • Reduce stress to a large extent – Nature has been proven to reduce the amount of cortisol, the stress hormone which results in lower blood pressure and pulse rate. What better way to relive your stress than going out and spending some time with the trees and the birds?
  • Better immune system, better life – Scientists have found conclusive reports that breathing in phytoncides – the airborne chemicals produced by plants; help human bodies to ward off infections and diseases by increasing the level of white blood cells in the body. Also, the effect of increased white blood cells remains for many days.
  • Soak up Vitamin D- Human body requires a particular dose of Vitamin D to function properly. While, vitamin D can be consumed as tablets, the best form of Vitamin D is the sun. Soaking up the warm rays of the sun helps in reducing inflammation, absorbing calcium, mitigating pain & preventing osteoporosis.
  • The energy bar you should choose- Spending more than 20 minutes in natural surroundings gives the brain an energy boost and exposure to sun rays increases the level of dopamine- the hormone which makes us “feel good”.
  • The free kind of aromatherapy – Walking around in the open exposes you to a range of good aromas which aid in making you feel relaxed and calm.
  • Workout among unaltered nature - When you do physical exercises out in the open, the greenery gives a psychological boost and causes less physical exertion. This effect of the positive mood will brighten up your day like nothing else!
  • The outlet for creativity – Psychologists have observed that people who spend time in the nature more perform better at creativity tests. Taking out time to connect with nature may act as the stage for creativity to flow!

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