Why choose Assisted Living now?

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Lately, your mind has been constantly drifting back to the time when you saw a bruise on your mother’s hand. The more you think of it, the more you realize that you have seen one almost every time you have seen her in the past few months. Your beloved dad has been looking tired and losing weight at an alarming rate and you coerce him to eat more, only with him eating half of what you served. They say it is normal and sweetly ask you not to worry, and that they are fine, but at the back of your mind – you are worried and the uncertainty and not-knowing is infuriating you!

Your parents groomed you to be the person you are today, and there is not even a minute chance that they are going to ask you for help. The difficulty in admitting that they need help is because they are overwhelmed by the sudden changes and depressed at the inability to take care of themselves.

What is the possible solution?! You rack your brains to find a way – a perfectly balanced way to offer them help without hurting their feelings. While employing a help to assist your parents with household activities and medical assistance appears to be the best way, a small voice will ask: Will my parent be okay? Is the person capable enough to save mom from falling again or to help dad climb the flight of stairs at home? And even if that person is, is my parent HAPPY?

This is where the need for an assisted living community comes in. You may have to face an initial trouble of explaining to your parents why you want them to move to an assisted living community – believe me when I say that that conversation is going to be tough. Expect your parent to feel upset, betrayed and they will not be able to process this piece of information logically. But if you accomplish convincing them to move into an assisted living community, this move is what will help them lead a fulfilling and well-rounded life.

Assisted living communities have been designed with the sole aim of providing the ideal balance between independence and assistance. It is perfect for seniors who require assistance in daily activities such as basic health and personal care, while also seeking privacy, space and independence. Apart from assistance with daily tasks, assistance living communities also provide seniors the chance to engage in social and recreational activities. These activities are planned and scheduled to boost social interaction, engagement and self-confidence while driving away feelings of depression and loneliness. Mundane and tedious tasks such as preparing fresh meals, housekeeping, etc. are taken care of by the staff at the community. Another aspect is that staff is present on-site 24 hours a day, thus assuring immediate and prompt response in case of an emergency situation.

So, not just is assisted living an answer to your parent’s need for aid in daily activities but also an opportunity for them to be in the company of peers and revel each moment of their life, in a way they did not imagine. Pacifica Senior Living offers exceptional independent living, assistance living and memory care services across various cities of United States. Search for a community close to you at: Pacifica Senior Living Communities

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