Age is just a number

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Since the time of our birth, we have been rushed to do things. Rushed to walk when we had started to crawl, rushed to school when all we had done is drool over the gorgeous mix of colors on the cover of our mother’s fashion magazine, rushed to get into college after high school, rushed to get a job, rushed to get married and have kids, rushed, rushed, rushed! Isn’t it time we stopped to savor the different flavors life has to offer?


Now, don’t get me started on how my ankles pain when I stand for more than 10 minutes or how I cannot remember what I had for breakfast this morning– because today, we are not going to talk about the pains and the glorious description we tend to give, but about how enjoyable life would be if we make up our mind to change our perception.


Retired and sitting at your home, you are reading this and wondering, what is this person whom I cannot even see going to tell me something I don’t know? I am here to tell you that you can change your life around. Isn’t there something your younger self did not have time to indulge in, even though you absolutely loved it? Yes? Good. No? Find something. This is the golden opportunity for you to engage in activities and hobbies your younger self could not do. The time combined with the worldly knowledge you hold makes this a perfect opportunity to give your life a new and refreshed touch. Why else do you think they call this phase the “golden years of your life”?


No kids to look after, no career responsibilities, no expectations to attend social gatherings you don’t want to but have to because “what will they think?”! The experienced self in us no longer cares. So, use this time to do what you never did.


How you ask? Start by worshiping yourself. (Okay, more than you already do!) Start honoring your body. Eat nutritious and healthy food; get regular exercise, cut down on the coffee and wine (difficult, I know. Been there, done that.), listen to your favorite music genre and watch a lot of amusing movies and TV series (seriously, the younger generation’s – Netflix- has become my motto).


However, your mind plays a major role in this transformation. You have to embrace this opportunity as it is – brilliant and underused. Don’t roll your eyes at me. I will give you examples of my peers who have achieved so much after retirement. Dorothy De Low, 99, hailing from Australia, participated in the World Masters Games in table tennis in the year 2009. Tao Porchon-Lynch, 93, has been named as the world’s oldest yoga teacher by Guinness World Records. Min Bahadhur Sherchan, 76, climbed to the top of Mount Everest. French cyclist Robert Marchand, 102, set a new record in 2014 in the Masters + 100 category established by the International Cycling Union (its short form is UCI, not ICU). And how can I forget Carmen Dell’Orefice, the world’s oldest working model, 81 years young; and the list goes on.

Are these people special? Of course, they did not let their age define their present life! They LIVED, they ENJOYED and they THRIVED! Let us take a page from their life and implement it into our lives. I will also get off my chair and go find something interesting other than stare at a screen. May be I will bump into you at the tennis court; I always had a mean back swing.

Find something you love, and devote yourself to it.

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