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Senior Cottages in Paradise Valley, AZ

Welcome to our charming, neighborhood senior cottages: Pacifica Senior Living in Paradise Valley, AZ. We’ve recently renovated and remodeled our entire community so you will enjoy fresh landscaping and paint, modern appliances and fixtures, and all the latest safety standards for quality of care that’s unsurpassed. Security and comfort are the two biggest priorities for our renovation, as both are part of high quality of life.

Our lush green mature trees, trimmed hedges, and manicured lawns welcome you in as you first arrive. Because the great climate and neighborhood are so wonderful, we encourage our residents and staff to enjoy it on many outdoor, covered porches or our courtyard gazebo. Our broad, smooth walking paths are used by many and are entirely wheelchair accessible and safe.

Inside, the cottages are all decorated like home with books, plants, pictures, and memories scattered around our family rooms. Chairs and sofas are all comfortable and supportive so watching TV, working on hobbies, or simply socializing can be done with utter enjoyment. Accents of rock and tile elevate the décor to be almost resort-like in their beauty and functionality.

For the ease of our residents, we provide an on-site beauty salon and barbershop for grooming hair and nails. The central activity room has a TV and is where our residents and their visiting friends and family can spend happy, quality time together. It has a plethora of seating options so we can host events like live music, dances, games, crafts, and holiday celebrations. The dining area nearby is next to an open concept kitchen and seating for meals is around small tables where residents and staff can chat in groups about their plans or memories. Mealtime with friends is an integral part of the daily routine of all the seniors who live here.

Single and companion rooms at Pacifica Senior Living Paradise Valley are spacious and well-appointed with full furnishings: beds, tables, seating, and dressers. Windows and treatments, lamps, and ceiling lights all combine to give our residents control over lighting so they can enjoy bright sun-filled mornings for waking up or quiet evenings for winding down.

Pacifica Senior Living Paradise Valley is situated perfectly from residents from North Phoenix, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. The property is near Dairy Queen and Village Inn, where a many residents and visitors enjoy dining and conversations.

Please take some time to review the photos here to get a better idea of what awaits you at Pacifica Senior Living Paradise Valley, Arizona. When you are ready to experience it all in person, don’t hesitate to phone us or simply stop by for a tour. We hope to see you soon!